We’re the Surgery. We’re an internal comms, design and digital agency. And we’re on a mission…

We want to see a world where boring is banished! What a lovely thought, a place where we don’t have to settle for stale and stodgy, where the tedious is taboo and boredom is sooo last year. No one deserves the dreary after all!

So, our mission as an award-winning comms, design and digital agency is to…

…boot boring up the bum and ban it forever through killer internal communication campaigns, empowering EVP and employer brands, daring design, awesome animations, and dynamite digital and virtual solutions.

Did we mention we’re a multiple award-winning agency? (It’s not about the awards of course, cough, cough!) Because we have fun, we reckon you will too. Just don’t mention the b-word, and we’ll get along fine!

What we do

Internal Comms
& Change

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Employee Value Propositions & Employer Brands

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& Brands

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& Film

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& Virtual

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How we do it

Everything we do starts with our lovely and incredibly good-looking clients.

Building it from the audience out – we kick things off by getting the insight we need. We get to understand our clients and the crowd we’re trying to reach. We find out what makes them tick so we can create winning work made just for them.

Making the complex simple as Surgeons (because we’re called the Surgery, see?), we’ll surgically remove the BS to turn the mundane into the marvellous.

Focusing on results we zero in on the problem at hand, smashing targets through creative, bushy-tailed and emotionally engaged comms and design.

Insight, sound strategic thinking and lots of creative engagement; it’s our winning combo. Oh, and we challenge our clients along the way too… to make sure nothing is ever BORING!

Who we do it for

Civil Aviation Authority
Department of Health and Social care
Metropolitan Police
National Grid
Southern Co-op
Blue Prism

What people say about us

We shared [the annual report animation] internally and on our LinkedIn and the reaction has been nothing but positive! Thanks so much to you and the team for all your work in pulling it together. Another fantastic job… we already know not to expect anything less from the Surgery team!

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Emily Radley

Talent Acquisition Director

Southern Co-op

Every step of the way, the Surgery worked with us to develop our vision, challenge our thinking, improve our concept and ultimately create an employee-led EVP we can be really proud of.”

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Catherine Pereira

Talent Acquisition Director


You take the time to get to know our business and our priorities and complexities so it really feels like we are working as one team; a team where we can bounce ideas, learn from each other and push the boundaries of our communications through creative thinking, friendly challenge and real partnership.

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Lynsey Craven

Head of Employee Communications


I think the comms campaign and the disruption influencing group is really excellent, best I’ve seen since I’ve joined this company and could really have an impact if we keep consistent with it.

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Stuart MacDonald

Head of Operations HR & Industrial Relations