About us

Ah, the early 90s… great times. It’s when The Surgery took its first breath as the child of three ambitious design and digital lads from London; ‘PC’ Paul Cohen, Nick Cordell and Robin Nicholl. 

Zoom forward to 2015, and The Surgery expanded to bring IC consultancy into the business driven by client need. 

We’ve grown up since then and moved to the country, a fabulous, converted barn space in West Sussex. We’re an agency with a difference. Okay, hold on, you’ve heard that line a billion times, right?  But you see, the thing is, we really are an agency with a difference.

Let us show you what we mean

Our eclectic bunch of ‘Surgeons’ (all 20 of us) really do care about each other, the work we do and our clients. We’re a proper blend of wise heads and the next new best things. Decades of experience all mixed up with people who know their way around a TikTok.

It’s a blend that works

Our clients come back to us not just because we’re award winners in design, digital and internal communications, although that does rather help. It’s mostly because of that blend thing.  It means we can provide design, copywriting, content services, internal communications strategy and campaigns alongside unique behavioural and psychology expertise, all under one big old barn roof.

We understand our clients’ why

We’ll audit, research, research and then do more research so we understand the challenge and create the best solution. We look at everything through our ANTI-BORING (trademark pending) lens. It helps to make the complex simple, meaning you get to engage with your audience at a real, authentic, people-to-people level.

Talking of people

We love seeing our people grow, develop and learn. We give them space and encouragement to try stuff out, to go for it and then learn from it. We celebrate the small stuff, the birthdays, the anniversaries, the life stuff. It’s all about that work-life balance. We might work from the barn or remotely from our homes, cafes, and even campervans. But we always make sure we get together, too. Because we have fun, our clients tend to as well.

We’re totally committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion and eliminating discrimination. Not just because it’s our legal duty but because it’s the right thing to do. Our social impact and the footprint on the environment we leave behind us matter, too. We work locally with community groups and help global brands and charities do some good around the world.

So…  let’s kick boredom up its boring old backside, and let’s create something beautiful together!

Our mission

We want to create a world where boring is banned… forever!

Why we do what we do

Because we love engaging people through creative solutions that tackle real-life challenges.

What we do

We banish boring through killer IC campaigns, empowering EVP and employer brands, daring design and dynamite digital solutions.

How we do it

By making the complex simple.

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Next up is our Animator, Luke Jones

Partial to...?
"A scotch egg. Reviewing the Great British picnic favourite is my thing."

And when he's not mid-bite...?
"Creating animated videos and short movies for our clients."

Check out our animation showcase (link in bio) and see if there is anything we can help you with 🎞 

#meettheteam #creativeagency #animation #motiongraphics
In a post-pandemic world, virtual work events have become all the rage, but, as with anything in life, there are good bits and bad bits. 

Check out our blog on virtual events; the good, the bad and the Wi-Fi woes, via the link in our bio. 

#virtualevents #blog #internalcommunications #employeeengagement
Digital Account Manager, Fran O’Maolain, is Surgeon number 15.

Fond of...?
"Sci-fi and fantasy!"

In the digital realm?
"I've got a pretty wide knowledge of the cyber landscape and use that to unpick briefs and keep to a tight deadline and budget."

Drop Fran a message or an email if you have a brief you'd like to talk about: fran@ineedsurgery.com

#meettheteam #digitaldevelopment #projectmanagement #employeecomms
We have a little announcement to make!

In a secret squirrel assignment, we nominated our brilliant Internal Comms Director and all-round lovely person Carly Murray for the Internal Communicator of The Year Award at the prestigious Internal Communications and Engagement Awards! 

We found out last week she has been deservedly shortlisted. She had no idea we had nominated her until today 😊 We’re very proud of her and all that she does and is. The awards ceremony is scheduled for the summer, so go Carly!

#Internalcommunications #employeeengagment #ICEAwards
Si Andrew, is the Surgery's Employer Brand and Research expert.

At home...?
"Cooking up a mean plant-based roast, walking the pooch and scaling the climbing wall. Each extra potato makes it harder..."

With his EVP hat on...?
"Helping clients define what makes them special, then supercharging it to attract and retain the very best talent."

Get to know Si and the team better via the link in our bio.

#meettheteam #internalcommunications #employeeengagement #evp #employerbrand
We set a competition at the Surgery to create the Easter social post graphic. We had a variety of entries, including illustration, animation and painting, and all voted on our favourite. Sam won with his beautiful Peter Rabbit watercolour illustrations - Well done Sam! 🐰

Happy Easter to you all, we hope you have a restful long weekend 🐣

#illustration #creative #designer #designagency
Next up is Head of Animation, Bradley Poston.

Usually found...?
"Climbing up a wall or somewhere in the water."

When he's in animation mode?
"Bringing complex messages to engaging animations and videos, leveraging creative storytelling and innovative approaches that resonate with your audience."

Check out our animation showcase (link in bio) and see if there is anything we can help you with 🎞 

#meettheteam #creativeagency #animation #motiongraphics
Save the date 11th July in your calendars for Barn to Boardroom 2024 🐑
Keep your eyes peeled for more information and where you can get your ticket soon! 🎟