About Us

The Surgery is a communications agency blending design, digital and internal communications in a way that just makes sense. With a range of well known clients, from Rolls Royce Motor Cars to Penguin books, we are the agency you probably should have heard of.

Our team of creative sparks, digital wizards and IC gurus come together to deliver a service that we feel is unique. Take us purely as a design agency, a digital agency or an internal comms agency, and we are award winners in each field; but combine them and you get something special. Add a passion for innovation grounded in experience as well as design thinking, and the results can often be transformational.

We’ll understand your brand because we’ve built them. We know the benefits of digital marketing because we’ve experienced them. And we’ll solve your IC problems because our team used to work that side of the client/agency fence.

Talk to us, you’ll find our approach refreshing.

Paul Cohen portrait

Paul ‘PC’ Cohen

Managing Director

Favourite phrase

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

Nick Cordell portrait

Nick Cordell

Creative Director

Favourite phrase

Let’s just do it again until it’s right.”

Robin Nicholl portrait

Robin Nicholl

Digital Director

Favourite phrase

That should be an en dash, not a hyphen.”

Carly Murray portrait

Carly Murray

Internal Comms Director

Favourite phrase

Yes, we can.”

Adam Smith portrait

Adam Smith

Head of Design

Favourite period

Mid-20th Century, and the 80s.”

Matt Prudente portrait

Matt Prudente

Head of Digital

Favourite bike

Raleigh Chopper.”

Simon Newman


Favourite hobby


Rebecca Hunter

Senior Designer

Favourite colour

All of them, except brown. Except when brown works.”

Beth Hamer portrait

Beth Hamer


Favourite phrase

Go off.”

Bradley Poston

Junior Designer

Favourite film


Paula Francks portrait

Paula Francks

Financial Controller

Favourite phrase

The cheque’s in the post.”

Kerri Fullman portrait

Kerri Fullman

Client Handler

Favourite book

The Old Man and the Sea.”

Megan Hambly

Account Handler

Favourite sport

Rugby (Union)”

Terrence O’Donoghue portrait

Terrence O’Donoghue

Consultant Developer

Favourite software

Microsoft Office.”

Greg Langham portrait

Greg Langham

Experiential Design Specialist

Favourite sport


Matt Davies

Brand & Culture Strategy Consultant

Favourite food

Fried chicken”

Simon Andrew

Employee Communications Specialist

Favourite food

Baked beans”

Denya Dessana portrait

Denya Dessena

Internal Comms Specialist

Favourite car

Rolls-Royce Phantom IV.”

James Blake portrait

James Blake


Favourite animal


Jamie Tott

Internal Comms Specialist

Favourite outcome