Hawk-like focus to rebrand Hawk-Eye


The Sony Group company provides ball-tracking technology used to officiate major sporting events, such as Wimbledon and the English Premier League. Now they work with more than 17 different sports around the world. We needed to create an exciting brand worthy of this dynamic company’s current position and growth plans.


We got to know the business inside out, and deep-dived into their requirements, wants and direction of the brand. The brand mark we created is based on the arcs formed by a bouncing ball, repurposing the distinctive shape of a soaring hawk and its connotations of accuracy and focus.


Although B2B focused, consumer recognition is important to Hawk-Eye. Their name is already well known to sports fans worldwide, but their visual identity is less so. The new ID fits seamlessly in an environment rich with sports brand logos and appeared familiar and well received from launch.