Driving change & improvement at Cadent with a mountainous challenge


Cadent Gas were feeling under the weather. Languishing in the relegation places in the Ofcom CSAT tables, they needed a fresh focus, a rallying call and a clear path to improve.


The Cadent Challenge mountain – we showed them just how good they could be when they got it right with customers, they just needed to do it more often. Through inspiring words and fun, engaging creative, we took the pain out of their improvement journey.


We got Cadent to think about just three things, ‘Customer, Cost and Taking Accountability’ and they did just that, rising to the top places in the CSAT tables within three months of campaign golive. The best bit? Seeing their people so inspired that they even baked and sold cupcakes with the Cadent mountain on them. A campaign in cake form, what’s not to like?