Unleashing Paramount’s potential with a new EVP and employer brand


Paramount needed our help to create a new EVP and employer brand so they could recruit and retain the best possible talent. Our employer brand expert got to work researching who Paramount thought they were, from a leadership and employee point of view. Through a series of workshops, interviews, focus groups and steering group sessions, we uncovered what makes them appealing and why people stay.


It was all about making Paramount a place where recruits could truly unleash their potential. We created a new Paramount EVP story, bringing it to life with new branding and online creative assets. We identified the proof points and made it simple for people to talk about why they felt proud to be at Paramount.


100% of employees felt the new employer brand was a strong showcase for Paramount. 84% said they loved the look and feel. 86% have a better understanding of what the business offers them. 96% of HR are clear on the brand and when and how to use it. It was shortlisted for an Employer Branding award.