Carly Murray

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Carly Murray

Internal Communications Director at The Surgery

Our brilliant Internal Communications Director, Carly, knows what it takes to deliver engaging I/C strategies that really break through (all while booting boring up the bum!)

She understands the challenges you face as I/C pros because she’s been there, done that, and she got the t-shirt (she probably won’t be wearing that at B2B #24 mind you!)

She’s our driving force behind B2B and loves to share her insights and vast databank of I/C expertise with you, our lovely I/C friends, and colleagues.

She cuts out the BS and helps our clients see the wood for the trees!

So come for the B2B speakers and stay for the Carly-shaped insight over a juicy burger and a glass or two of bubbly.

See you there!

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I fancy myself as an 80s popstar, but unfortunately, I can’t sing for toffee. Even in the shower. Thankfully, I sound much better when talking about all things internal communications (IC) related.

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Carly Murray

Internal Communications Director

The Surgery