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Sarah Meurer

Vice President Global Communications at Elsevier

B2B Co-founder & IOIC Leader of the Year 2023 has been delighting us with her insights at Barn to Boardroom since its inception in 2016.

Last year’s talk around the theme of disruption saw Sarah share the ‘Elsevier Experience’ story and the top 10 tips for using EX disruptively. Interested? Here they are!

  1. Define you Employee Experience (EX) North Star
  2. Bring together internal and external
  3. Make EX a priority at C- suite level
  4. Launch with a bang
  5. Globally accessible at your fingertips
  6. BAU it
  7. Tell their story
  8. Capture moments that matter
  9. Keep at it – build on the brand
  10. EX = ROI

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Employee Experience (EX) is alive and kicking at Elsevier and myself and the team shared Ten Top Tips to making EX a reality in your business at the 2023 Barn to Boardroom IC event.

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Sarah Meurer

Vice President Global Communications