Manager Engagement Programme

Your Space

Increase manager engagement by 20% in just one day!

At a time of constant business change, our clients are focusing more on their middle manager population as their champions of change. They want to engage their managers in future business strategy, in ways that can demonstrate real measurable impact.

  • Your Space is a manager programme that creates time and space for managers to think, explore, discuss, connect, share and learn about what’s happening in your business.
  • Your Space is not prescriptive, but instead is designed to get managers asking questions and finding the answers for themselves.
  • Your Space gives your managers what they need to own the conversation with their teams about the part they all have to play in the success of your business.
  • Your Space is an immediate game-changer. With commitment from Senior Leaders in your business to facilitate Your Space, managers experience more in-depth, trusted, positive and challenging conversations about how they can impact real business change.

After delivering Your Space for managers within NATS, we’ve seen on average a 20% increase in managers feeling more confident in talking to their teams about the complexities of what’s happening in the business.

“We wanted to bring a creative and interactive element to this to help people learn and understand. The Surgery has been fantastic in bringing things to life using different styles. And they’ve kept us motivated and smiling when we didn’t think we could achieve it!”
Lynsey Craven, Head of Employee Communications, NATS.


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To talk about the impact Your Space could have in your business, please contact Sarah Meurer or Carly Murray.