Interconnected Infographic

To date, WWF has communicated the purpose of its work based on two key measures that form a part of the flagship WWF Living Planet Report. These are the Living Planet Index (which shows the decline of species population) and the ‘Ecological Footprint’ (which shows humanity’s impact on the planet).

The science that sits behind the Ecological Footprint measure is complex and is difficult to visualise and there are now other scientific methods to show human impact. WWF were therefore moving away from using this as a graphic. However, they needed something to replace it that links human behaviour and decline in species/health of the planet.

The aim of this infographic is to quickly and simply explain that we, as a human race, have an impact on the planet. Typically, communications on this can be quite complex and need some explanation, especially to non-scientific audiences.

So The Surgery created this infographic to help raise general awareness of the challenges that WWF is working to address and clearly present these ideas so that they are easily be passed on – so that supporters and potential supporters are clear on actions they can take.