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Shop design

The brief was to bring to life the world of Doctor Who within a retail environment planned for a year-long, walk-through Doctor Who Experience at Olympia in London. The shop needed to be an immersive experience, but also a space which maximised revenues as the visitors passed through.

In many ways we had too many visual cues to play with but, in the end, a simple yet striking approach using the Tardis became the main focus of the design. This theme was used for the main payment counters and FSUs. In addition we installed a closed-loop wireless platform, enabling us to develop rich content that could only be accessed within Olympia, enhancing visitor interaction and allowing for retail offers and discounts to be promoted and redeemed at the shop and online. A further development was the creation of an exclusive range of Experience merchandise, covering everything from T-shirts to iPhone covers.

Open for 14 months, the shop served over 270,000 customers and turned over £1.7m. We have since redesigned and installed the shop at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, the Experience’s new permanent home.