Making the boring brilliant

17 May 2019 | Carly Murray


Think pensions – think boring! That was our challenge when easyJet asked us to develop a campaign to engage their people in the changes that the government was making to workplace pension contributions. More than that, though, as a responsible employer they wanted to show how they care about the financial choices that their people make for the future.

Targeting cabin crew in particular, as they’re typically younger and unlikely to frequently think about pensions, we wanted to capture their imagination on what their pension could mean for them, make it easy for them to understand the language of pensions, and encourage them to make good financial choices.

This is how we made the boring brilliant.

Do your research

We started by doing some research into personal spending triggers which suggested that we’re a nation of spenders and not savers. When thinking about a campaign to engage people in good financial planning, we felt that these elements would make the most difference:

  • Encourage people to start small
  • Show progress against a goal
  • Make it social – if you share it with your colleagues, you’re more likely to do it
  • Talk about ‘what’s in it for me?’
  • Make it personal
  • Help people to envisage retirement
  • Demystify the language of pensions

Start with a strong narrative

It was important for us to start with a strong narrative that would guide both the creative approach and the messaging. Here’s a snippet: 

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s easy to forget about where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing in just a few years’ time, let alone when we hit retirement.

Let’s stop and think about it. Would you like to be relaxing by a roaring fire in a house overlooking the sea, or exploring far-flung places, or maybe something even more adventurous? Whatever your vision for the future, the reality is that lots of us need to save more to enjoy the kind of retirement we dream of.

Our narrative led us to a creative approach that we called ‘life goals.’ It focuses on how making small sacrifices now can be easy and can help you to reach that life goal that you have in mind for the future.

Grab attention with visual headlines

Our campaign headlines focused on examples of the types of small sacrifices you could make now in order to reach your life goal later. For example: A latte a day = Convertible when grey

To keep the campaign running continuously, we created multiple campaign refreshes focusing on different life goals that would appeal to different people.

As a secondary message, we were explicit from a monetary perspective to show how a small sacrifice can mean a much bigger pension contribution. Even though this required some small print as context. For example, £5 less a month in your bank account will mean £101 monthly contribution to your pension pot.

Our #moneysavingmoments sign-off linked the campaign across all creative assets and encouraged employee conversations in Workplace about how they were saving money to add to their pension pot.

Go digital

Cabin crew are hard to reach, so setting up an external mobile friendly microsite was key to making the campaign accessible for them.

The microsite brings together all the different elements of the campaign in one easy-to-access place, as well as all the existing content available to easyJet employees on pensions including: retirement planning tools, how to videos, news articles, who to contact and employee benefits and discounts.

To grab attention in WorkPlace and drive traffic to the microsite we created short, animated videos that bring to life the campaign headlines and messaging.

To help people think through their pensions contributions we created stories around lots of different employee profiles. An infographic approach takes you through step-by-step what increased pension contributions may mean for you.

Get out on the road

The easyJet pensions team supported the campaign by visiting UK crew rooms to engage people in conversation about their pension, to help them to understand it better and to answer their questions.

Our campaign was nominated for an IoIC Excellence Award – feel free to steal with pride!”