You compete with hundreds of businesses for the same top talent.
Working closely with you, we’ll:

Assess where your employer brand is currently at – one already exists, even if you don’t realise it yetTalk to your employees and execs to find out the reality of what it’s like to be employed by your business
Establish the top 5 reasons people work for youBring together all of the things that make up your employer brand
Find your real USPsDevelop your killer employee pitch
Create a stand-out employer brand

All to attract the best people, and help existing employee relationships thrive.

Your Employer Brand Team

Simon Andrew
Employer Brand Expert

Simon worked in the reward and benefits industry for 12 years. He ran a team specialising in creating brands and communications to engage, motivate and retain employees. He has worked with small tech-based start-ups and large international businesses. He won several awards for effective communications and is a judge at the UK Employee Experience Awards.

Simon graduated in psychology many years ago, and still firmly believes that understanding employee’s motivations, needs and behaviours are core to any successful employee-led project.

Simon once had his trousers pulled down by a kangaroo, but that’s a story for another time.

Carly Murray
Internal Communications Director

Carly spent many years delivering internal communications (IC) in the corporate world in various industries such as telecoms, utilities and aviation. Her experience of working in fast-moving and complex businesses has helped her to understand the challenges her clients face as she works with them to tackle their IC problems.

She’s passionate about making the complex simple, creating compelling content and campaigns that last, and making the connection for employees between what they do day-to-day and what their business is striving for.

If you let Carly choose the soundtrack, you’ll be forever listening to 80s cheesy pop.

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