ViacomCBS Employer Brand

Working closely with ViacomCBS, we built their employer brand ensuring that their employees were at its heart.

Robust research from a company-wide survey, employee focus groups, senior leadership team interviews, and competitor analysis gave us the insight we needed to start building their story. We wanted to showcase who they were, not create a brand around something they weren’t.

We built a blueprint of everything that makes up ViacomCBS and used it to develop a human-feeling brand through colourful and inclusive visuals and a friendly tone.

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We rolled out training across HR, Internal Comms and Marketing with interactive sessions to create understanding, to practice the tone, and to develop a self-sufficient team. An extensive brand book and importantly a branding cheat sheet and simple assets help their teams maintain and embed it.

We followed it with a full multi-channel internal campaign to remind employees of the things that make ViacomCBS great through their own stories. Externally the brand comes to life on their new careers website and across social media.

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