UK AirProx Board

Reporting app for airprox events

The UK Airprox Board (UKAB) strives to enhance air safety in the UK. Private pilots previously reported aircraft near collisions via an out-dated paper process once they had landed. Now, with the UKAB’s app developed by the Surgery, pilots can report it quickly and easily.

Images, data-log files and videos can be uploaded within the report and submitted to the UKAB by email, with a copy to the pilot. Pilots can use the app to view previous incidents via a map interface with date, severity and other filters. They can stay up-to-date with news about airprox-related activities and find guidance and advice about avoiding mid-air collisions.

The app is a crucial part of an integrated campaign to raise awareness of only having five seconds to impact once you see another aircraft approaching.

UK Airprox app |
UK Airprox app |