Smart Automation

Rebrands come in many different forms and take many different paths. Sometimes it’s a development of a logo to reflect a brand’s refreshed values or positioning, sometimes the change can be more fundamental. When Smart Automation came to us to create a new, future-focused identity, our first challenge was to help them decide on their name. As their artificial intelligence business had developed and grown, they had become known by different names by different customers in different sectors. By some, they were known as Smart Automation Services. By others, S Automation, and by some even, as the confusing acronym; SAS.

The Surgery started by understanding the customer loyalty and brand equity of each name and balancing that with current and desired values. We explored entirely new names and visual expressions for both these and the existing names, along with the necessary trademark and URL searches. All this work ran alongside stakeholder interviews and Gap analysis reports to ensure we were building the right brand foundations for their business.

The final outcome was to stay with one of their original, more familiar names and to refresh their entire visual identity in line with the newly constructed set of Brand Values, Brand Promise and Brand Essence. Launched with a new strapline and website, Smart Automation is now fit for the future and focused on success.

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