The Surgery was commissioned to create a new visual language that reflected the activities of both EuroGeographics and its members to bring unity and cohesion to all their communication channels.

The revised brand is clean and modern but retains elements from its past, enhancing the connection between the European and global position of its members.

We love working with The Surgery! As an international organisation working across Europe, it is essential that our brand and supporting communications ’speak’ to our members regardless of their location and language. The Surgery quickly grasped the challenges we faced to create a new high-impact visual language that reflects our activities as well as those of our members. Feedback has been consistently positive and we continue to work in partnership to bring unity and cohesion to our communications channels.”

Sallie Payne Snell

Head of Operations and Association Management, EuroGeographics AISBL

A new website has also been created to better articulate the roles, responsibilities and relevance of the Association. One of the project’s biggest tasks was to curate a huge amount of historic content so it could be found logically with simple pathways and as few a clicks as possible.

Following the rebrand, we also created Eurogeographic’s Annual Review for 2017 – produced in both digital and printed formats and covered all aspects of mapping throughout the continent.