Cadent Gas Connections

Our brief was to create an emotive, engaging and powerful animation to be used during training sessions to remind Cadent’s colleagues to ‘Think Customer’, as part of their broader change and business improvement objectives.

In the animation, we reminded viewers that they too are customers of other services including banks, broadband providers and insurance companies. It was about encouraging them to think about how poor customer service impacts them and to put Cadent’s colleagues in the shoes of their customers. The animation’s overall aim was to encourage Cadent’s customer care team to drive change and improvements to their customer enquiries and customer project services.

We developed several characters, all of whom had a story to tell of poor customer service. There was a family who were waiting for Cadent before they could move into their house before their baby arrives and a son who wants to build a ‘grannex’ for his mum, for example. We created real-life situations to show the impact of not providing a timely and brilliant service has on real people and their lives.

The final animation was split into several sections to allow workshop attendees to stop and review the messages conveyed before seeing the positive impact of excellent customer service.

We’re now working with the client to create additional collateral to support the animation helping to further embed the characters in the business and to help their people think ‘Customer Connections’ whenever they see them.