2021, the year you nail your employee value story

16 February 2021 | Simon Andrew

2021 employee value story |

2020, feels like a dream. But we’ve got the boxsets to say it happened – The Queen’s Gambit, Snowpiercer, White Lines, The Stranger. The endless supply of decent dramas has been a welcome distraction. But things are changing. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s slowly edging closer.

2021 is going to be a year of rising like a phoenix from the flames. It may not seem like it yet, but it is a time to rebuild, pull together and push ahead.

It’s no surprise that a lot has changed

The last year has been a steep learning curve, for everyone. But one thing is clear, there’s been a lot to take from it.

Yes, there’s been countless stories of bravery and heroism (god bless you Captain Tom) but let’s take it down to an employee level.

Things have changed. No one expected to be pausing their work report to teach basic maths, all on a home desk made out of toilet rolls. The rules are different.

So last year, we surveyed people to understand what this means to their attitudes about work. We’ve seen the changes in black and white. And whilst there’s a lot to digest, here are our top three takeaways:

  1. One in two people want more from their employer
    Pre-covid, the world of employment was made up of all different types of employers – some caring and supportive, others driven and more formal. But as every employee across the globe deals with new challenges, worries, emergencies, the expectations of what an employer should be has changed. How? The next two points will show you.
  2. Flexibility, empathy and understanding reign supreme
    Human values now top the list of what employees want from an employer. In fact, the top three factors are flexibility, empathy and understanding. There’s no longer room for an employee to be just a person delivering your objectives. Now they have a family, a livelihood, anxieties. The more people bring their whole selves to the role, and work and home collide, the more they need an employer that respects, understands and supports them.
  3. Supportive leadership, clear communication and a focus on wellbeing are more important than ever
    As people have reflected on their own setup, the things most important have become clearer. When it comes to work, here’s what they are:

    • Supportive and understanding leadership (as reported by 80% of people)
    • Clear and effective communications (79%)
    • A focus on wellbeing and resilience (78%)

    Employees want better communication lines, with clear leadership and support for their health. You could argue they have always been important, but now so more than ever. And whilst 62% of people said they learnt more about who their employer really was during lockdown, you can continue to educate employees by responding to these needs.

Your employer voice

With this increase in expectations, prioritisation of human values, and need for clear communication, it’s time to reflect on your employer brand. How do you position yourself? What story do you tell? How do you align with all of the insights we’ve seen?

Your employer brand will support you in your employee engagement efforts, as well as your talent acquisition. The business case is a clear one. Will you use this opportunity to react to the changing needs, or let your competitors do it first?

Don’t wait for extreme circumstances to show employees what you are worth. Build up a clear picture, then use your employer brand to tell that story in an appropriate and engaging way. Be the human workplace they want to spend their career with.

The Surgery

We’re a team of creative sparks, digital wizards and IC gurus, who love nothing more than creating a strong employee value proposition and employer brand. And we’ve got a tried and tested way to approach it.

Wherever you are on this journey, give us a call and we’ll help give you that competitive edge and meet the needs of the modern employee.

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